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    My new bagger is on the way and, as I stated in my intro post, dealer is offering very good conditions if I upgrade before delivery. Purpose is to enhance low rev torque without losing power in the high end. And sound, of course!

    It would be great help to know your opinions about what I'd like to install:

    - SE stage I 110" kit (with SE-255 cams)
    - Ventilator air cleaner
    - V&H Monster Round slipons
    - Floating brake rotors

    Main doubts are for the 110 kit, very expensive (much more here than in the US, just like HD bikes. And all parts and accessories as well!) and, if I got it right from what I found in the self help section, heavy work must be done to cases/basement, and possible problems with crank and/or bearings (and oil leakage from rear cylinder but that was 2008 and before I believe).

    Would I get anything comparable changing stock cams with SE-255 on the 103" stock engine (same air cleaner and slipons)?

    A guy at Bike Hospital (a garage nearby) suggested that leaving engine alone and installing a Thunder Max ECM would be much more effective than cam upgrade and remapping. Should I listen to him?

    Sorry for the length but I'm a little confused by information overload :newsmile082:

    Thank you in advance!

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    Your friend is a wise person. I think along the same lines as he does as far as performance enhancements on the basic engine. It will last much longer and have less problems if you leave the engine stock with just stage 1 improvements. The cranks in these engines are pressed together as compared to older versions (pre96) that were keyed and have a bit of a problem holding the added power without a problem.

    If you are doing any mods I would suggest a complete tear down and welded cranks but this is a major job in itself for a brand new engine.

    Leave it stock and just do the stage 1 with slip ons and enjoy many miles of problem free riding.

    Glad to see you have been reading in the self help area too.:D
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    H.P. is fun but you always will pay the price with reliability. Slip-On's/ Air cleaner/ get rid of the CAT/ and fat enrichment makes life easy for both you and your engine. As Glider says, the crank is the foundation of the power plant. People do it all the time but I would never be comfortable with a built engine & a stock crank.
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    Glider, Hoople, thanx!

    The reason of it all is that I tried a stock 2010 FLHRC and it was not really what I was expecting, while a stage II (air cleaner, exhaust and SE 255 cams :D) 2011 FLHX had both sound and low-end torque. And the right feeling!

    Nonetheless I see your point very clearly and it does make lots of sense.


    The dealer told me they have no problem with case boring and crank welding, and reassured me about engine reliability (ok, I know they are just trying to make me spend more money) and that all the work would not affect the warranty in any way.

    More, the warranty would be void if I installed a Thunder Max or any other third part ECM/tuner! I could only put on SE EFI tuner, the usefulness of which sort of beats me (or would it be worth it for Stage I?).

    So I'm waiting for their estimate for the major job, then I will decide, though you guys make me really lean towards safety and peace of mind.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    I am Quite happy with my full stage one and TFI,,,, then I added SE255cams and I am Very Comfortable with the power range I have now.... No need for me to Rush into a 103 until the 96" is worn out..:D

    I don't agree that you Need to install Their tuner over others.. But you are There and it might be different Rules then here in the USA.

    TFI and or Gen3 the best for less $$ and "Do It Your self".

  6. R. Lewis

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    I know your in Italy , but I have to ask , why would the warranty be void if you put anything but a SE EFI on your scoot?????? :33: Just asking cause something doesnt sound right!
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    The warranty can only be void if the part you installed caused damage and only to the damaged part. Say for instance you installed the T Max and the trans went out, they would have to prove that the T Max caused the problem with the trans.
    It sounds like they are trying to sell "their product" and if they install their tuner, then they get you for XXX hours of dyno time which is a very lucrative business for them. If this is what you decide on, then the person doing the dyno tuning comes into consideration next. There are dyno tuners that are good and others that install a canned map from the tuner disc and call it a custom map and you pay for the custom map thinking it's been created with numerous runs just for your bike when it wasn't.

    I would seriously consider a 103 engine in the platform of choice and do the stage 1 intake and some slip ons with a TFI tuner that can be removed without a trace if there would be any warranty work needed. Best of both worlds and unless you are racing the bike, this combination should be more than enough. Many on the forum have these mods on 96 engines and they are very happy with it as far as power.

    Bottom line is decide what you want and don't let the dealer sell you what they want to do. As mentioned above once the engine is built up, the reliability falls off. Granted the welding of the crank and case boring, if done by a competent mechanic can yield some good results but remember increasing power even in this way will still shorten engine life and miles without problems occurring.

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    First of all, I wish to thank each one of you for your time and enlightening advice.

    Today I received the estimate for the finished Road King with 110" kit and... :newsmile070: the total amount, with extras, approaches, with little difference, the cost of a new 2012 CVO Street Glide (listed at (!) 34K here) btw she already has everything I would want (and, alas, even things I don't want).

    I think I'll stick with the 103 and stage I without touching the engine!

    Or, if i have enough beer, change my order and get the FHLXSE

    I will investigate about the warranty issues, I just reported what the dealer emailed me, but I'm afraid that here we have indeed more restrictive rules. Anyway I'll sort it out to be really sure of how things are, probably not exactly the way the dealer is telling me.

    Then I will consider adding the TFI tuner because of its, well, "flexibility" (no-trace removal):D

    Again, tank you all for the precious help. If any of you is in need of ophthalmological advice, please feel free to PM.
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    Eye Eye Doc! :lolrolling

    Good choice on the 103 with the stage 1 mods. I think you will find it all you need in the way of power and dependability, also the TFI too.
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    :18: well, IS that appropriate, I've actually been serving in the Navy for a while! :bigsmiley23: