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Discussion in 'Harley Davidson Extreme Modification' started by mike_h, Jul 9, 2010.

  1. mike_h

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    had my bike dynoed yesterday was really hot and muggy pulled a 94.7 hp and 108 tq they said to bring it back when it cooler should break the 100 hp and 110 tq any truth to this .o and the bike is a fxst with 211 cams and heads done with comp releases.
  2. FishHunter

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    The heat itself is not the killer, but when you are at/near 29.20-29.00 baro, and experiencing wet-bulb readings of at/near 70, that is where the power will be down.
    The oxygen has been replaced with water vapor, and we all know that water does not burn, or at least in these bikes.:s
  3. rancid

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    the dyno will correct a for weather conditions so dont get your hopes to high. sounds about right for a 103 with stock heads and 211s
  4. tsp45acp

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    I'm not quite sure...did you have headwork done or are they stock?

    I'm interested because I've got a 07 Road King Police w/103. I got it used so I'm not sure what the stock dyno would've been. It already has : Rhinehart True duels, PC-3 (w/usb), and a K&N Air Filter. It's been tuned and runs pretty good. Dealership dudes told me they could put the 211's in it for about $800. Looking fprward to doing this later this year. If your heads are stock, I'm figuring that mine will be pretty close to what you pulled. Thanks, Tracy