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    I am trying to determine the electrical demand on my 05 Ultra Classic, I tried the service manual and totaled the list of the bulbs and curise control etc when i added all the numbers it equals the out put of the alternator. Is it reasonable that all the output would be used up from the beginning? So how should i determine the electrical demand? I looking for any ideas?:newsmile026:
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    I'm not sure why you would need this unless your planing on adding some electrical accesories but if you need this right to the amp ,buy yourself a high quality Volt/Amp meter with an induction pickup clamp capable of measuring at least 60 amps DC.

    That total alternator output maybe 100% of rated capacity, but remember the starter is only on for a few seconds so once the engine starts that load drops quite a bit.
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    Some info I got on this was:

    Give or take a 22A alternator would put out approx 18 amp @ 1500 rpm and 22 Amp at 2800 rpm and have a spare 8 amp @ 1500 rpm and 11.3 amp @ 3000 rpm.
    Give or take a 32A alternator (FXD) would put out approx 23 amp @ 1500 rpm and 32 Amp at 3000 rpm and have a spare 11.6 amp @ 1500 rpm and 19.9 amp @ 3000 rpm.
    Give or take a 38A alternator (FX series) would put out approx 30 amp @ 1500 rpm and 36 Amp at 2500 rpm and have a spare 11.8 amp @ 1500 rpm and 18.6 amp @ 3000 rpm..
    Give or take a 45A alternator would put out approx 39 amp @ 1500 rpm and 44 Amp at 2500 rpm not sure of the spare amp on this or the 50 amp gen. My guess is the 45A has 20 spare amp @ 2800 rpm and the 50A has 22 at 3000 rpm.
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