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    What do you all think about the 1,000 mile service that the dealerships offer. My bike is a 2006 Street Glide. It has been kept in a garage since new and only has 1,100 mile on it. What all does the service consist of and do the cables half to be tightened? Just dont want to spend over $300. I did the oil/filter change myself. Thanks!
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    I read a thread stating the neck didnt come completely packed with grease.Whats up with that?My understanding is the hollow cavern in the middle is left greasless, is that true?Pack it or leave it alone?
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    I have 120 miles on my 09 RK. I just had the 1000 mile service at the dealer. It cost $340. I the future I will be doing service myself. I have the manual, tools, mechanical/electrical experience, and I bought the J&S jack so I can get this old body under it. Plus, Glider has placed some great tips and links to videos so you can see what to do.

    I figured it this way. The guys at the dealer seem pretty well trained and see a lot of Harleys. This is my first Harley and it seems easier to service than most other bikes.

    By taking it to the dealer on the first shot, I think it will be more difficult for them to deny future warrantee claims I may have. Plus, if they checked everything on their check list which they supplied me after the service, there's stuff on there I might have missed.

    I will be keeping all of my future service records showing purchased oils etc. I created a log in Excel that I will update as I do the service. I have a notebook that has everything in it from day one including "baby pics" I took as the dealer was un-crating my baby.

    But, this thing runs so well, and it looks like they are making a quality product so it could run forever if it's serviced properly.