09 Ultra Classic

Discussion in 'Communications And Radio' started by muskrat, Aug 13, 2009.

  1. muskrat

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    I'm confused. I've read that the radio comes with 20 watts and 40 watts power on the standard classic. If I'm adding rear speaker pods by hogtunes and upgrading the front will I need an amp and if so for which set of speakers?

  2. oldhippie

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    The radios on both are 20 watts per channel. Their description of it being a 40 watt stereo is 20 watts x 2 speakers for the Classic and 20 watts x 4 speakers (80 watts) for the Ultra. I looked at that "80 watt stereo" claim for the Ultra and thought I was getting 80 watts per channel (wishful thinking on my part). You'd have to look at the connections for the radio on the Classic to see if they have connections for rear speakers as well. If it does and the speakers have a nominal rating of less than 20 watts, no need for an amp (unless you really, really want one).
  3. Animal

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    Phone or e-mail Hogtunes and they will answer any question's you have. Great group of people, no such thing as a stupid question.
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    Just this weekend I was looking at a nice leftover? 09 Classic. I asked about adding rear speakers to it like the Ultra and almost fainted when I saw the H-D price. $600 byt the time you added in the wiring harness ( I can only imagine how much that is per foot). Also found that in order to be covered under the factory warranty, it MUST be installed by the dealer...didn't ask how much that would cost, was still in shock.
    Hog Tunes does sell a set of rear speakers also, but it looks like they come with an amp?...not sure why....and they aren't much cheaper.