09 soft tail front end noise

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    I thought I'd share this with you because for a minute I was baffled . Saturday I went over to my daughter and almost son-in-law to clean their air conditioner so it would be ready when they needed it . I have a small tool kit with different size bits and small hex drive sockets that I strapped the my back rest . On the way over every time I'd hit a bump I'd here a clunk and it sounded like it was coming from my front end , now I told my self that sound wasn't here yesterday so I was listening very close and kept hearing it . I have V&H big radius so it's not quiet by any means so I got up to speed and pulled in the cluth and coasted and sure enough i could then hear the tool kit clunking but before I sure thought it was coming from the front end .
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    Noises can drive you nuts. I had a rattle at certain rpm's on my softail. I checked everything, tightened everything, checked again.
    My son came down to ride with me and I asked him to check to see if he could hear it.
    He came back in 5 minutes smiling. It was the gas cap.
    I felt like an idiot.:(
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    Softail Clunking Front End - Harley Davidson Community this has been a problem in the past worth looking at IMO