09 Heritage overheat

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by Litewave, Sep 18, 2009.

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    1st of all, new guy here. Thanks for havin me.

    Just want to share this.

    2-3 weeks ago. Got caught up in the same light in a very busy town called New Hope Pa. Sats and sundays real heavy weekender traffic, bikes, pedestrians, ccars, you name it. Place to be.. Unless your on your harley.

    My new bike got so hot. I must have sat at that same light for about 5 cycles of the light. Shut the bike off, went to restart , barely turned over. Oil tank really heatin up the ole inner thigh. Man I really worried about my new bike. Inched up a bit, tried to get it in neutral, noticed that the clutch did not work. At idle, the and in first gear, clutch lever all the way in, bike wants to pull away on its own. Oil viscosity breakdown is what im figuring. Pull over, no parking area (tough), Bang, Bang, Bang, bike stalls. Sit 10-15 minutes restart the bike, still hotter than you no who, make it across the bridge into Lambervill NJ, sit 25 minutes. Pull away, come home, everything seems ok. But, It was a complete nightmare for my bike.

    Im afraid to get caught in any traffic.

    Whats a guy to do now ? Any body that can shed some light on how to prevent ths, different oil. What would you do..?:wall:newsmile090:
  2. glider

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    If you have an intake leak it will run lean and much hotter.
  3. vtbikers

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    The ECM is programed to have the bike misfire to cool the engine down when it gets really hot.
  4. vtbikers

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    Not sure about softail but my 06 Electraglide does have this feature.
  5. JimmyZ

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    Run premium fuel and synthetic oil
  6. R. Lewis

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    You say this happened 2 - 3 wks. ago ------ Any problems since?
  7. vtbikers

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    I did not realize that the International Models you configured differantlly.
    You always learn somthing new here. Great forum!
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    I have a 2009 Crossbones and I'm in the Middle East (UAE). Very hot summer days, 120F! I have added an oil cooler and never sit at a light using the clutch, put it in neutral. The main thing I do, as the lights here are very very long, is I cut lanes and get to the front. Now most of the people here are bad drivers so I won't move forward that way unless I know what the stage of the light is, in other words if I'm stuck in the back of the line I'll wait until the light turns back to red then I cut the lines. Get to the cooler Hot air faster.
  9. Jim B.

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    If the 09 Heritages come with it, I'd first make sure that your EITMS is active. On my 09 Road Glide, it has to be manually activated by rolling the throttle forward for a few seconds.

    Second, I'd change your oil to full synthetic since it has a higher breakdown temperature.

    Third, I'd upgrade to Stage 1 since it allows the bike to run a little richer and therefore a little cooler.

    Finally, you might consider adding an oil cooler. Only a little cooling when stopped but better cooling with any motion than without. If you habitually get caught in slow or stopped traffic, then consider also installing a parade fan.
  10. Hoople

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    120 degree days? You have to be joking.
    This past summer it was near 100 degrees and I could not ride. It felt like you were driving into an open Pizza Oven. Turned around, came home and waited for a cooler day.