09 fxd riser question

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    I'm having problems locating where i can find risers for my bike. the fxd has the speedo that is also part of the clamp so not sure here. Any thoughts?

    here is the stock handle bar dimension. 1" dia bar, 6" height 29"width 10"pull 6 1/2" center. I'm not sure what the height of the risers are now as I am not in front of my bike and won't be for the next week. I want to keep the grips in the same location they are in now but i DO NOT like the buck horn style bars. Can someone help me out with the math here. What would be a good combination of riser height and bar dimensions. I would like to keep the rise of the handle bar to no more than 3"
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    The only aftermarket risers for the FXD I have seen to provide rise and pullback do not work on the 06 and later models because of the design of the speedo housing. This limits your options to get a comfortable bar set-up.

    You can use standard pullback risers, but this will position your speedo at an up and down angle.

    I chose to go to Street Bob mini apes. This required changing the lines and cable. The stock wiring worked fine. Take-off FXDB bars and cable sets are available usually betwwen $50-100. I love the height and position at which these bars put my hands.

    Accutronix makes an speedo mount adapter for use with drag bars which will also work with many riser sets. This adapter is about $120.00.