09 Fat Bob problems

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by fatbob_ chris, Jun 22, 2009.

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    Hi all! im new here and to harley motorcycles. I bought a new fat bob a couple weeks ago and have around 600 miles on it.. I have two problems that i need to find answers for and if someone could help i would appreciate it.

    First, the seems to be a clatter or rattling coming from the primary or transmission under light load conditions. ie.. holding steady 35mph in 3rd and 45 in 4th, these are the speeds where its the loudest. if i downshift at these speeds i can still hear it but the engine is racing faster and its get muffled.Goose the gas or let off it lessens as well. Dealer said its normal and he dont hear anything but lifter noise? At times i swear a hear a brief clatter sitting at a stoplight in neutral as well.

    Second, im getting some wierd sqeal/buzz from the back of the back under mid to high rpms whill acellerating. Seems to be in a narrow rpm band.

    other than that i love this bike!