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Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by gratefulEd, Jan 4, 2010.

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    I went to hookup my battery tender and found that I left the pigtail on my '82 yamaha back when I sold it. The tender also has aligator clips, so I'm using them. But I noticed that there is a stock connection coming off of the battery. Couldn't find anything about it in the owners manual. It looks like you could hook a battery tender into it but I wasn't sure. It also looks like it is fused, so maybe it's for an accessory?
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    Sounds like something the selling Dealer installed at the time of Dealer Prep. I had one on my bike that I could not figure out because it was not in the bike schematic.

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    Look at the available pigtails for the OEM Battery Tender maker Deltran...just buy one, as they are $9.99 at your HD, Metric or aftermarket dealers. If you find that the plugs are identical you have a spare.

    FYI, the covered conductor is positive, the exposed conductor is negative when looking at the battery wiring to plug in pigtail side. Use a DMM, black to metal chassis and stick probe into covered conductor/receptacle side, it should be the same side as the inline fuse holder 2.5A-7.5A is okay. :s