08 Sportster crank no start

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by bayres1215, Mar 14, 2012.

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    My friend has a 2008 sportster 1200 every now and then it will crank not start
    the fuel pump runs and i checked no spark at the plug. it has been to a shop but when it got there it started fine any ideas?

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    If it cranks, has fuel and no spark means you need to check TSSM (Turn Signal & SECURITY Module) has disabled the ECM (Electronic Control Module) from sending Spark and Fuel Injector signals. This is why most of us ask if there is an Alarm Code (Red Key Display) on your speedometer. If so run Diagnostics Test...Do you have an HD User Manual at the very least to at least be able to run them. The results will show us what the bike thinks is wrong. Hopefully you have a service manual...to actually work on the bike (online PDF files can be found for about $10-15) or the factory one for $65 which is well worth the money. I also use the Clymer manual because it has not as much detail, BUT has color coded schematic AND has lists of pertinent DTC codes (a good general purpose one I carry with me on long trips).