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    Some time ago I fitted internally wired T handlebars. Great for short rides but they become painful on a long run. I decided to fit bars with a more relaxed wrist position. I like the T bars and want to keep them so I bought a hand control wiring loom of Ebay so I could have a spare setup . The one I got turned out to be pre 07, no clutch switch.
    I put the multimeter on the clutch switch and it seemed to be just a make or break switch but when I fitted the new bars (I just put a loop on the clutch switch cable connections)the red engine light comes on and stays on. Annoying when riding at night.
    Does anyone know if a resistor or a diode would trick the engine management into thinking the clutch switch is operating?
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    Probably not that easy. First Check the code to be sure you only have 1 stored code and it is in fact a clutch switch code (B1154?). If it is, I would bet the ECM expects to see that switch to make and break along the way. Dead give-a-way would be if you have something like a 6th speed dash light. It knows when your in 6th gear and wonders how you got there with having the clutch switch staying at the same logic level. It can even use the VSS sensor to know your at road speed without ever shifting. Just depends on ECM firmware

    I would 1st read the code(s). Then clear it(them) and see if the same code returns. If it does, I don't see an easy fix for the problem other than to add the required switch to the new wiring harness.
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    I doubt you'll be successful in defeating the switch. It sends a signal to the ECM and tampering with that circuit wouldn't be in your best interest.

    Food for thought....If your neutral switch goes bad, it will start in gear without the clutch pulled in so the switch is in the clutch circuit also.

    As far as the 6 speed light, that works on the principle of road speed verses engine speed. If you were to replace the gearing in the trans, it sometimes throws off the calculations and you loose the 6th gear light function.
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    Thanks for the input.