08 Fatboy wobble

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    Secure the bike and ideally get someone to help you steady the bike and apply the rear brakes. Raise the front of the bike off the ground, and from the front of the bike, grab the fork on both sides just above the axle. Try moving the fork forward and backward to "feel" any movement that would indicate looseness in the stem nut. If you have any, take the bike in and have that taken care of.

    Referring to your HD Service Manual for that model and year (don't have one? See here: HD Manuals - Harley Davidson Community) and check the mounting of the front wheel. Then check that the caliper(s) mounting bolts are tight.

    Finally, make sure that the handlebar is tightly secured.

    If all this checks out, suspect that your bike is under warranty, so take it in and have your concerns documented and checked out. Make sure that your complaint is listed on the ticket, and any findings (especially the expected "that's normal") are also noted.

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    Check for wheel weights also. I lost a set off a front wheel and it was just a balance wobbel.
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    DriverJack I have a 2008 fatboy with the same problem ,the dealer tightened the stem nut that took care of the wooble