07' Ultra won't idle when hot

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by flhbiker, Apr 13, 2009.

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    My 07' Ultra has an intermittent problem. When riding in hot weather (ambient typically above 85 deg. F and engine at operating temp) the bike will quit running when the throttle is in the idle position/0% open. It typically occurs when you approach a stop and roll off the throttle and clutch the engine for the stop.
    If you let the engine idle down it will drop to 500-700 rpms and then quit completely. It starts back up immediately but typically won't idle until it cools off.
    It runs fine in cool weather/ambient temps.
    I've been to several H-D dealers w/o any luck. They have never been able to reproduce the problem. They have checked electrical connections, plugs, plug wires, ignition switch connections.
    Could the IAC control valve be faulty?
    It never sets any trouble codes.
    The bike has a high flow air cleaner, BUB slip-ons and is otherwise stock.
    I'm looking for help as this one has the H-D tech's scratching their heads.

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    It seems they can NEVER reproduce any problems. If their pay check depended on seeing the problem they they would see it. :D

    Chances are the mixture is causing the problems being it happens mainly in the higher temps.

    You mentioned"The bike has a high flow air cleaner, BUB slip-ons and is otherwise stock."
    Ruling out the IAC there's a very lean condition that is apparent to me.

    That is taking the adaptive fuel values and running them on the very edge of lean if you have no tuner to add some fuel. I would suggest adding some fuel , I recommend the TFI in this case nwhich you can do yourself.

    EFI - Electronic Fuel Injection Controllers - Motorcycle, ATV, Snowmobile, UTV

    Many posts on the TFI in this forum including a discount link too.

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