07 ultra will not start when hot

Discussion in 'Engine, Fuel and Exhaust' started by Wild Bill NV, Oct 1, 2012.

  1. Wild Bill NV

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    Fires right up when cool, but no fuel getting to carb when hot. Relays replaced, new battery, plenty of spark, injectors spray well, and no error codes. 2007 Ultra Classic.
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    Welcome to the forum!

    Couple questions, "no fuel getting to carb", 07 UC wasnt a carb bike so what does that mean? Hoople is going to want to know what "plenty of spark" means? Was it measured in some way? "Injectors spray well". Was fuel pressure measured? Which brings me back to the original part about the carb not getting fuel. If "injectors spray well" What exactly is not getting fuel?

    The more accurate information given will aid in the help received. Tell us what you tested and how, that will go a long way.
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    is this a fuel injection or a carb. bike.
  4. Wild Bill NV

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    Thank you for the welcome and your patience. My apologies to all. I was tired and ragged when I made my post and left without clarifying myself or accurately describing my problem.

    The bike is injected and the spark was measured by removing the plugs (one at a time) when the bike is cool she would fire up fine and run great until she got hot and I would stop. She would fire back up immediately, but after sitting for a few minutes, she would turn over, get spark, but no fuel. I did not measure the fuel pressure except to open up the breather while she was running and see no problems, however no fuel after sitting when hot. After 20-30 minutes of cool down time, she would fire up and run great.

    While I have since remedied the problem, I will continue with my thought process and the remedy that I used to solved the problem in case anyone else should have this issue.

    Since spark was not an issue hot or cold, I ruled that out. The fuel issue on the other hand I did not believe it was a pressure problem since when she ran, she ran well. So if it were a pressure issue she would have at least sputtered while riding. So I was left with the problem of the ecm not getting the signal to allow fuel to flow at high temp.

    I preformed an onboard diagnostic and had no error codes. Thinking that Harley would include ALL the sensors in a diagnostic was my mistake lol. After an evening of reading and a call from a friend, I decided to take the cheap route and swap out the IAT and the engine temp sensor. while I was at it I changed the oil and the trans fluid. Bingo! She ran like a dream.

    The whole fix including the oil change was around 100 bucks, plus time and aggravation lol

    Thank you all for the quick reply and I do hope that this will help someone else should they have the same type of issue. Once you rule out what it can't be, you are left with a solution.

    In the wind,
    Wild Bill
  5. Hoople

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    Bill, Happy your running again and not trying to jinxs your repair but I just can't see those sensor starving your engine of fuel when it was HOT. A Cold engine yes, but not when hot.
    Did you happen to meter out those 2 sensors in order to try and understand the "why"?
    If a sensor was open or shorted, a code would exist. They had to read some value that was in-between. A puzzle to me.
  6. eleft36

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    Did ya clean the IAC port?? They do get loaded up.

    I think the "head" temp sensor failing would show a code, like Hoople said.

  7. Scott_Rod

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    Oh how I wish this thread continued or Wild Bill NV was still posting. After several days of searching, this is the ONLY post I have found with someone having (or had) the same problems I am having. I cannot believe that I am the only one in the world having this issue, but Google searches are not helping much.
    Anyone know Wild Bill NV? I'd sure like to call him.

    ScottRod :nosad
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    I'd do what Hoople said and meter those two sensors. Buy a service manual if you don't have one so you can find them and know what the proper values would be for them.
  9. Dan.1977P

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  10. 03HD883R

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    Well, I had an issue for the past few weeks... I've got an '03 883R that's carbed. What would happen would be I'd get a one bad miss during riding -- almost like there was no spark for 1 second. Drove me nuts, would do it almost every single time I started it from cold. After it did it's miss, the bike would run like a dream. I was thinking it was ignition... well, turns out, it was my vacuum switch (VOES) was broke. Didn't find out till I took it off and tested it when I replaced it.

    But the way in which the vacuum switch works, would have no bearing on how I was riding the bike at the time in which occurred, leading me and others in a different pattern of approach.

    Sometimes the way in which sensors are wired up to the bike, if they start having issues, can make you believe there is another part that is wrong, in which there really in fact isn't.

    At the end of the day, I fixed it, but I'm sure I can't be the only one, because I ran into the same scenario... googled it up, and what I read, didn't quite fit the exact match.

    I sure hope that my thread helps the next person that has the same issue I did. I know the frustration.