07 Super Glide "Sleep Mode"

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by BBartlett87, Mar 9, 2010.

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    I had my bike in storage for the winter and now it wont start. The accessories work great but the starter does not engage at all. I have checked the battery condition, terminals, connections, starter, fobs, and attempted to use the PIN. I checked with a local shop and they said it was probably in "sleep mode" and needed a code to reactivate it. I cant seem to find the code anywhere, any ideas? Thanks!
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    I have not heard of a sleep mod on the new HFSM systems, did they know you have a 07? Are there any trouble codes?

    This was the storage mode they had on early TSSM not on the new HFSM ststems

    To wake up the TSSM from storage mode, the ignition key
    must be turned ON. This will trigger the alarm if the system
    was previously armed. You must use the key fob or personal
    code to disarm the system and stop the alarm.

    This is what the manual says if the HFSM won't disarm.

    If the fob is present, and the security system is issuing “warnings” or “Alarm” when the motorcycle is moved, the reason may be one of the following:
    1. Strong electromagnetic interference in the area you have parked
    a. Verify you have not placed your fob in metal enclosure, or within 3 in. (80 mm) of other electronic devices.
    b. Place fob on the vehicle seat and turn the ignition key ON. After the system disarms, the fob can be placed back in its carrying location.
    c. Try moving the motorcycle several meters (15 feet) away from the current parking spot.
    2. The fob battery is dead - use PIN to disarm the vehicle, and replace fob battery.
    3. Fob is damaged - Use PIN to disarm the vehicle.
    Replace the fob.