07 Road king Classic starter rplacement

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by tony Cat, Apr 5, 2011.

  1. tony Cat

    tony Cat Member

    How hard is it to replace a starter on a 07 road king classic
  2. glider

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    That would depend on the mechanical abilities of the person doing the replacement and the availability of the tools and service manual too.

    My wife couldn't do it :D
  3. Jack Klarich

    Jack Klarich Guest

    Negative cable off battery first, H D manual and good supply of tools before and after pics of install for future reference a big plus IMO If you have mechanical skills not a major task IMO
  4. Dr. Dolittle

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    I've learned that hardly anything is "hard" if you have the proper tools, the proper manual, and come here often for help and advice. Might be "intimidating" at first but not "hard."
  5. btsom

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    What is your reason for replacing? Starter remove and replace is the same whether the old starter goes back on or is replaced. A repair might be MUCH less expensive than a replacement. I recently replaced the starter drive on my 08, the rest of the starter looked like new.
  6. tony Cat

    tony Cat Member

    07 road king starter

    I need to replace my starter on 07 road king. A new starter at the dealer is about $350.00 does anyone know a good after market starter ?
  7. HDSickness

    HDSickness Banned

    Is that unusual for a starter to go out so soon?:small3d031:
  8. Hoople

    Hoople Account Removed

    Probably a minor part within the starter that is bad. I guess they are replacing the entire assembly by choice.
  9. Jack Klarich

    Jack Klarich Guest

    Some 07 models had starter and ring gear problems, also the compensator problem may scare some into thinking they may have a starter issue JMO
  10. NEWHD74FAN

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    Re: 07 road king starter

    Two ways to go,

    1.) Buy ALL the parts you "think" you'll need new, including that $350 complete starter, and $50 for the gasket, seals and lube. Then go in "cold" inspecting, disassembling, removing a lot of parts, draining fluids, removing and inspecting more parts...pull and replace the starter, but may find something else, then reassemble, inspecting and servicing it all back together. But you still have an outside chance that it MAY be something else, but the $350 starter is in there as is all the new parts spent as well or about $450.:small3d031:

    2.) Get the Service manual, $65 first. Study and rehearse the procedure in your mind, estimate materials and time you need to access and inspect the parts in question, ring gear, starter pinion, etc. Go with Starter Clutch Gear assembly only $120 to start (pun not intended) at Zanotti's. When you have all the materials, start on Friday night right after work. Yes you will still need about $50 worth of gaskets, seals & lube, but you will only replace the part(s) LIKELY to need replacing after Saturday morning inspection, and can run to the H-D dealer for any other parts you might need if you find collateral damage, and now have an idea if this is a weekend job or couple, but at least you are not out the full $450 up front and have a good idea what it is going to "really cost". :newsmile071: