07 RG Demons?

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by Grayhors, Jan 1, 2011.

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    I have an 07 Roadglide with 73K miles. I purchased it new and have recently made the change to thunder header slip ons and a SE aircleaner. I had a Stage one down load shortly thereafter. Other than that the bike is stock and well cared for. Recently a problem arose that confounds me. I was riding this summer and after visiting a store I returned to the bike and it cranked but refused to fire. I made several attempts in the next twenty minutes and it finally fired off. This same scenario occurred on one subsequent occasion but the many rides in between were problem free. The Dealer shrugged his shoulders and gave me the deer in the headlights stare. Last night I was leaving a stop light under normal acceleration and the bike acted as if I had hit the "Stop Engine " switch. Over the next twenty minutes it would crank but not fire. I went for a trailer and upon returning in thirty minutes it would crank but not fire, but I did smell fuel. A twenty minute trailer ride home and upon arrival it fired right off and ran well. I'm baffled, anybody have any ideas? By the way the speedo check revealed DTC error codes indicating front and rear cylinder " no combustion".
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    I don't know but I think I would look at the coils. Sometimes a crack will develop and as the coil heats up the crack will open causing the coil to fail. The coil cools down and works till it heats up again. Just my 2 cent guess.
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    Will a failing or dirty CPS give you this type problem?
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    Maybe check the kill switch on the right handlebar. Corrosion buildup or maybe a rubbed wire in the switch housing.

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    Thanks for the reply. The codes were PO 562 Battery Voltage low EFI, P1353 and P1356 Front and rear cylinder no combustion. I'll give everyones recommendations a try and see if I locate a source of trouble.

    Don, Redfish and Bodeen;

    Thanks for the tips, I'll check each one and see if I come up with something tangible. once I get it sorted out I'll post it for everyones info. I love a good mystery, but this one's getting on my nerves.
    Happy New Year to all, Doug
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    You may also want to take a close look for any voltage drop across the system relay contacts.

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    I am more inclined to believe that when you did mods collateral damage may have been done to the electrical system...check wiring that goes near the areas reworked to outfit the exhaust system for instance or near routine maintenance areas like the oil filter area or under seat or tank wiring for pinched wire or such. When you did the air cleaner there is also wiring tucked away back in there too, even the interlock neutral safety switch and CPS wiring can be suspect. Careful inspection costs nothing, just be methodical and purposeful when doing this! :s
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    I'm no expert on electrical, but that low battery voltage would be the place to start. Everything starts there, and from what I've read here on the forum a low output from the battery or charging system will cause all sorts of problems with this the system.
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    Do the easy stuff first. Check and make sure the battery is fully charged (around 12.8 Vdc). Remove and clean (wire brush) both ends of both battery cables (neg. off first, on last).

    Try it.

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    Always start @ the source The Battery and work out, too many times a weak battery or bad connection can cause these problems. The ECM requires a minimum amount of constant voltage as well does the ignition system as TQ says check for fully charged battery @ 12.75 volts:s