07 flhtcu wont start

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by terry205, Nov 16, 2010.

  1. terry205

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    i turn on the ing switch. turn on run switch.i hear ele fuel. wait until the engin light goes out. i push the starter switch and i hear nothing. bike will do nothing at all. all i did was park it, get off of it , got back and this is what happend. any body know what to tell me what to check.:(
  2. Jonas

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    Battery, connections, starter relay.
  3. dbmg

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    Its funny but now days batteries sometime will give no warning and just quit.
    There maybe enough power to operate lights,horn radio, etc. but not enough to engage starter.
    Like the other have said check fob batteries if equipped, check battery cable connections, if OK remove battery and have tested.
  4. Hoople

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    Wow.. I feel so un-needed. All Great answers. I would bet 1 of them fixes your bike. :)
  5. Dr. Dolittle

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    You know that's not true!!! :)
  6. Cyclops

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    I've noticed several posts recently where the issue has been Security FOB battery issues, including one of mine. Just a helpful reminder that it's a good idea for everyone to get familiar with their PIN (security code) and the process whereby one can enter them manually. Seems that lately everyone has experienced this problem at home, or close to where they can log on to the forum for help. But, what if the batteries go out while you're at a remote location?

    Understand that I don't want to appear to be preaching to anyone, I simply don't want a fellow rider to experience bad FOB batteries and get stranded or have to spend $s for help.
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  7. HDDon

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    I don't have a security sys. but the suggestion by CYCLOPS sounds like a good idea. Does everyone who has a security sys know about this procedure?
  8. dbinbc

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    The procedure to over ride the security system by keying in your security code is in the bike's manual. There is also a punch-out wallet card in the back to be carried with you so you don't even have to memorize the instructions. Very easy to do but its is good to have the card with you when the bike won't start and stress levels are up. For anyone who does not know their security code, don't worry about it, just use the instructions for changing your code and key in a new one that you can remember. Just keep in mind that in order to create a new code, you need a working FOB on hand at the time.
  9. gusotto

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    I always carry an extra FOB battery.... just in case.
  10. billnapabill

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    Terry..........My 07 Road Glide had the same intermittant problem. The Dealer said it was the Run/Stop switch and changed it out but every time the bike got hot the same thing happened. Turn on the main switch, run/stop in "Run", hit the start and nothing. I finally got a piece of insulated wire and jumped across the starter solinoid and the bike started. I never did figure out if it was the starter switch or something wrong with the solinoid. I finally installed another wire from the hot pole on the starter to a push button to the start pole on the solinoid. The bike starts every time now.