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    At around 8500 miles my dads 07 flhtc started acting up. When you pull the clutch comming up to a stop, the rpm's drop right off and it stalls. It will fire right back up and run, and it may stall at the next stop and it may not. We just took it in for the 10,000 mile service last week and asked them to check it out, everything was fine. Picked it up last friday, and since then we rode about 200 miles with nothing happening. This morning I rode it to school (about 2 miles) and on my way home it stalled once. The bike isnt showing any codes or any lights. The only aftermarket parts on this bike are Rush slip ons and a oil cooler. Anyone else experiencing this problem or have a solution?
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    I suggest you call the dealer and ask them if Service bulletin #0903 "torque smoothing" download has been done. If it has been done, report back, there is a IAC cleaning tip that helps.
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    #2 on that my bike slipped thru once done no more idle problems:s