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    driving down the road at 14 amps. the amps drop off to 10 ,11 12, amps,and all dash lights .IE: Battery and Eng Light come on. as I am on the throttle, it will jump back to 14 amps and I can go 5,6 miles and it will do it all over agien. Took to a shop and thay swore it was the battery,so I paid to have it changed out.two months latter its doing it all over agien. I have checked the connections at the battery and at the regulater.anyone have any suggestions::wall
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    I don't have a service manual for a 2006. Does a 2006 use Maxi fuses or resettable circuit breakers for wiring protection. If it uses CB's, I would start with that and replace it with a proper rated Maxi fuse.
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    You aretalking about volts and not amps. First question what rpm does your bike idle at. If it idles too slow the voltage will be low and if you have low oil pressure the oil light will be on. Have you checked your battery voltage with a shop volt meter and compared it with your dash volt meter..
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    Also check the codes your seeing to make sure the ECM is seeing the same thing you witness on your voltage gauge. Do you see something like a P0562/P0563 stored code.

    I found a service manual for a 2006 and it looks like you are Maxi fuse and not CB so kill my previous idea.
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    Had similar symptoms and then the voltage dropped steadily to the point where the engine would not run. Battery was shot. But the culprit was probably the fact that the stator was fried. Intrestingly, it still put out the spec Vac at various rpms. Opening up the clutch inspection cover revealed that unmistakeable burnt smell and fluid was jet black. When I pulled everything off, the stator had a number of burnt coils. See attached.


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