'04 Fuel Tank Inner Liner Issues??

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by BuddyK, Mar 29, 2013.

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    Opened up the fuel tank on my '04 Electra Glide yesterday to replace the fuel filter and found the gray liner inside the tank was bubbling up and peeling off. There was chunks of it that came out when I drained the tank. Now I've got to have it cleaned out and re-lined. The local radiator shop that does this said when I get the tank back it will not have any paint on it!!! So I have to have it re-painted, which is 400.00.
    A friend of mine who also has a '04 Electra Glide SE had the same problem with his tank last year, but his was peeling off in sheets.
    Is this an issue with the liner material Harley uses, or is it caused by the ehtanol now in gas?
    Does anyone know of a better way to re-line the inside with out damaging the paint on the outside??
    HELP Please! :(
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