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    Last night I went for a ride and noticed my check engine light flashing at random times during the ride, 5 times each time it did it. I attempted to pull the codes this morning and all the engine check light does is stay on continuously with or without the jumper until I start it.... I looked at the codes and saw this:

    41 Current N/A (no speedo code for this) Check engine light open/low NO CHECK ENGINE LAMP AT KEY ON or CHECK ENGINE LAMP ON CONTINUOUSLY

    Anyone have a clue as to what: Check engine light open/low is? Or if the 5 flashes mean anything?

    I do have a Fireball HI-4TC ignition module installed. Could that be throwing it all off? Has worked fine for years up to now...

    Thanks! Ken

    I figured it out. Helps to read the manual for the Fireball ignition. The light is suppose to stay on. The 5 flashes means: battery high voltage. So maybe regulator or loose batter cable.. I will check it out... Thanks and hope this may be useful to someone else...

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    That's telling you there is a Historic code in the memory