02 lowrider speedometer and turn signals

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by capt.j2902, Jul 30, 2012.

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    Hi guys I have an 02 lowrider and recently the speedometer started acting crazy. I have read several posts and got started by cleaning the sensor it would work for a little then start acting up agian. Lastly the left turn signal has just quit working all fuses show good,I have replaced the speedometer sensor and now the speedometer works but the left turn signal still dosent work....any ideas please dont say tssm cause i priced it at Harley it is like 265$$$
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    I have an 02 FXDL as well. My speedo read low on my last ride and i could see some moisture in the glass, very slight. I stopped for a bit and when i started up the bike again it was fine. When i got home, i took some dielectric grease and lubed up the contacts. Unfortunately i keep mine outside with a cover, so its not ideal, but so far that seems to have corrected my problem. They may not be related, but that grease on all contacts cant hurt.
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    Dielectric grease is not used to complete a bad circuit but to prevent water penetration of the area. It is effectively an electrical insulator as it's silicon base is non-conductive. Before using dielectric grease ensure you have a good connection and remove any corrosion. Apply the grease to the contact area and ensure you have good contact of connected parts.

    This will not solve a bad electrical issue but can prevent one from occurring due to moisture and corrosion.