02 FXDL Charging Problems

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by chainsaw1265, Apr 12, 2011.

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    My bike has developed a charging problem as of late.....stator shows good a/c voltage, rises steady with rpm as it should....only getting 12.73-12.86 DC volts at battery when running and reving engine....battery actually shows an even 13 volts with the engine OFF....changed regulator....exact same readings....go ride for a while and about the forth hot stop, starter will not engage, solinoid just clicks.....but it will jump off all day so I think starter is ok....Bike has only 2300 miles on it...previous owner purchased new and only put 816 miles on it so it was parked alot....but the records he passed along indicate it was still very well maintained....battery was replaced about a year ago...but I don't know if he maintained it on a tender although one did come with it.....any suggestions???? Thanks....
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    Does your 2002 use thermal circuit breakers or Maxi fuses. I am not sure of the year HD switched to Maxi Fuses, but those resettable CB's on early bikes were problems. If you have a CB, check for a voltage drop across it when the engine is at a high RPM. You can not check those CB's using an simple ohm-meter test. You must place your volt meter across the 2 prongs and read the voltage drop. It should read near zero volts.

    There should be a fuse or CB on the output side of the regulator on its way to the battery.
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    might want to load test the battery just to get it off the list
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    Ok, battery load tested good....took regulator wire loose from breaker, checked dc output from regulator....4 to 5 volts upon startup, engine comes up to normal idle, voltage drops to 2.5 to a max of 3 while revving engine....stator is showing AC out to spec in shop manual....found oil in plug, cleaned it out good....still the same.....hooked all back up to battery....still only a max of 12.73- 12.80 volts.....regulator gets warm to the touch quickly while in the loop...as if alot of current is going somewhere.......is that normal??? I hooked a brand new regulator up and got the same results.....I am at a loss.....
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    The Regulator goes into shunt mode acts like a heat sink when not needed in the loop Hopple will correct me in the morning if I am wrong, The regulator is not pushing enough volts have you checked all grounds especially the battery and ground at the starter if you have one
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    Ok, does that mean when I tested it unhooked from the breaker it was showing that it was dumping voltage when I increased rpms and the voltage I was seeing was normal for having it disconnected from the loop???