01 FXD to 08 FXDB front end swap

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  1. garystrat

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    I do not fore see a problem, my dilemma is retaining the tach, speedo, fuel guage as well as Neutral and turn signals...I am thinking a carbed mid 2000's lowrider tank and dash...anybody have one or know of one...?
    The current tank was beat by a ball peen hammer, salvaged then thru a broker sold to me...I've got bandaids covering the dents but this has gotten old, I bought an 08 49mm FXDB front end...I have the entire FE wheel axle (1") fender what I lack is the handle bar clamps, the lower riser is cast into the top tree, the holes are parallel, not offset...
    any advise any one can provide...?
    thanks in advance...
  2. Jack Klarich

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    I have an 07 FXDB gas tank olive pearl and black, minor flaw in sticker on RS of tank from the factory if interested PM me