00' Ultra radio wiring schematic?

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    Hey I have a 2000 Ultra Classic that I have torn down and repainted I have the bike back together and running but no radio. Let me start by telling what I have done as far as removing certain componets that may have affected things. First I deleted the entire light assembly and antennas from the trunk and filling and smoothing out with LEDs in the side bags. I also have removed the original coax to the radio and CB and put a hidden antenna inside the front fairing along with new speakers. I would like to know if anyone would happen to have a wiring schematic or any other info. I have checked the fuses and I can turn the ignition switch on and hear the cassette deck turning for just a sec but no lights coming on the radio or sound. Thanks for the help.:small3d023:
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    http://www.planete-biker.com/wiring_diagrams/2000flh.jpg here is a wiring diagram
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    Don't know if this will be any help or if you'll even be able to read it after I post, it for a 2001 but might be some help?
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    I took a look at the schematics and tried to trace the wires and when you touch certain wires with a test light there is interference coming through the speakers but still no change the radio won't power on. I there is something I may be missing or if you can think of anything else to try please let me know and thanks for the help.
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    Hello I have just joined the site and I have an Electra glide classic 2003 and having problems with the radio model rs9803cd. The sound cuts out on low volume and apparently it's a very common problem. Do you have a schematic of this radio ?? Or do you know what the components are that need to be replaced ??
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    If you don't get any responses it may be because this is a old thread (2012) I'd suggest you start a new thread, you will get more help with your question.
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    Once the member posts in the thread, it will bump it to the top. If I was a guru, I would offer help...I would have probably put the link to this thread in a comment. ;) I'm just not sure about the wiring schematic from the '00 to the '03.