“PTT/Garage door opener”. Mod

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    My new project – “PTT/Garage door opener”.

    When I had my GL-1800 Goldwing, I integrated my Garage Door opener into the bike by connecting the CB TX switch (PTT) to my Garaged door opener.

    I’m planning to do the same thing with my Ultra.
    I found the CB PTT wire (plug 28: Pin17-Y/BK). I will connect my garage opener to Pin 17.

    I was just curious to find out if anyone else has done this.
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    Sounds like a great project.....
  3. R_W_B

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    No I've never done it, but it sounds reasonable. I have heard of Dyna guys tapping in to their high beam switch to activate their door openers. I don't think Dynas have a PushToTalk ?

    Anyhow I have a question, I've always just used a regular battery garage door remote that I keep in my vest pocket or where ever. But exactly how are you guys activating the door opener. I've never really got under that aspect of what you are doing.
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    Hi everyone,
    I got the door opening kit from the HD dealer and love it. It's a module they install which is activated by flicking the low/hi bean switch. It sends a signal to a receiver in the garage which you piggyback onto the existing wiring you have running on the wall of your garage. It works very well and I love it. Best is when you are driving into your garage.. Flick the lights and it opens in time for smooth entry.
    Great gizmo
  5. Mongo1958

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    The High Beam Flash Opener has been around for a while and is a good option. But hey, it's me and Mongo is cheap.

    I already have a GDO (Garage Door Opener). Why waist it or throw it away?

    Using the CB PTT switch is a no brainer for me because the switch is right next to my thumb all the time.
    The CB PTT is simply just a switch that, when activated, sends a ground to the CB radio switching the CB to TX mode, so why not use it to activate the Garage door opener as well?
    I plan to mount the GDO on top of the radio/CD player (under the fairing) next to the CB with velcro. I may also need a relay to isolate the GDO from the PTT switch depending on the voltage on the PTT line while in RX (Receive) mode.

    When I get everything ready I'll post it here so everyone can use the info.

    It's a nice mod to do on a rainy day.:D

    Because Dynas usually don't have a CB Radio.

    I have a plain old GDO (Lift Master) I got from Home Depot that works for my Garage Door. I keep it in a Windshield pocket just above the instrument panel of my Ultra classic. When its very cold and I have bulky gloves on, I must stop and remove my gloves to open the Garage door. A bit of a pain but workable. With the PTT/GDO mod, I'll be able ride on into the garage with out stopping or my feet hitting the ground. Bada Bing, Bada Boom:D
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    Would be nice if someone knowledgeable about electronics could tell ya what you need, say from Radio Shack, to remove the battery from the GDO and hard wire it to the bike for power. Then now need to ever go in there just to change a dead battery. Something that would drop the bikes 12V down to 9V?
  7. oiler

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    Buy a 12V universal remote, solder the wires (+ =) on the back of the circuit board of the opener and run the wires to your battery. If you want to use your high beams to activate the opener buy a 12V relay and solder the wires on the back of circuit board of the opener-find the open/close contacts, wire them to the relay then to the high beam.(use an 1 amp inline fuse) Little more to it than that but it can be done for about $30. Keep the remote inside the headlight housing.
  8. hotrodjohn

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    I wired a transmitter with a duetch fitting and taped into 12 volts inside the fairing at the cigar lighter (garage door transmitters are 12 volts so why change those little battery's when you can just wire it to the bike) and used Velcro to attach the transmitter atop the radio inside the fairing and used an old momentary trans brake button that I drilled into my inner fairing. total cost to me $000.00 dollars as I had all of those parts. The red button that is opposite of the odometer button is the garage opener.

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  9. Mongo1958

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    Perhaps I may help you.

    It's so easy to remove the faring, that replacing a battery would be a piece of cake. A battery for my GDO's lasted about 2-3 years (or more) and I’m OK with that.

    However, you could use a 7809 3-pin 12VCD to 9 VDC regulator, if your GDO uses a 9VDC volt battery and you do not want to change batteries.
    7809 Pin and Circuit Diagram
  10. Mongo1958

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