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Re: N,Ireland or S,Ireland members

Very interesting responses, I asked the question because I was curious what people do here, if there is a decent shop and maybe I find someone I can exchange notes with.

I'm with M on this service subject, it's the price that usually stops most people then there is the trust issue. As to the warranty, although there is no written rule that states you're not allow to work on your own bike, it does put you in a grey area when problem arise and the dealer will put your bike under a microscope to make sure you didn't screw something up. As to the trust, there are good and bad in everthing, just because it's a authorize Harley service facility, it don't mean your bike is done right, it only mean if they blows it up, they will pay for it and do it until it's repaired.

That's great that Syd knows a senior tech, if I had any major issue at least there is a guy in this neck of the woods. As to the minor stuff, the 06' is now on ext warranty, plus the engine is all done up, I will just have to roll up my sleeve and get to work, lol. Anyone wants to get dirty over a few wobbly pop is welcome, lol
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