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Re: N,Ireland or S,Ireland members

Quote: Originally Posted by shovelhd View Post
Hi guys, thanks for all the nice comment about my bikes, Irish Wolf's Dyna is nice too, that's what my best friend ride back home. And M's Fat Bob, well... I haven't seen it but simplicity is beauty and I like that model. All the best to you guys also, may we all have good health and prosperity in this new year to enjoy our bikes. And M'one you do have a wicked sense of humor, that's why I love this country And hello to Kirwajo, welcome to the forum.

Quick question, do you guys work on your bike or you take it down to the local dealership?
Shovelhd glad you have a good sense of humour, you'll need it living here. I normally do all my own work on my bikes but the Fat Bob is the first new bike I've ever owned so not sure what to do yet, never really liked handing anything back to a dealer as you never really know if the job's been done properly but I have to consider the warrenty. Hav'nt heard any horror stories about the local dealer yet but I do'nt like their charges, maybe Syd can shed some light on this. Oh yea, as soon as I learn how to use my wifes camera ( read that as... as soon as she agrees to lend me it....) I'll get some photos of the bike on.
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