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Re: Using Syn 3 in The Transmission

While we are on the subject of oil changing, I wonder if others feel as I do about changing the primary chain fluid.

This job is a bit of a PITA because of having to remove the Derby cover to put in the new fluid. This involves five Torx #27 screws, then there is the inevitable drippy oil mess running down the chain case. Even to take the cover off, you have to first remove the left rear passenger foot board, at least on baggers. This is just plain not handy.

Why couldn't H-D put a fill plug in the upper part of the outer chain case that removes with a simple Torx or Allen driver? Would this be too easy?
It's not like the chaincase level is critical or anything, and the specified amount of fill oil is easy to insert using the level indicator on the oil bottle.

Have I missed something?

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