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Re: Using Syn 3 in The Transmission

Quote: Originally Posted by Rod Stewart View Post

Just out of curiosity, who the heck is Hugo Chavez and how does he fit into H-D's oil picture?

So, what about Syn 3 in the primary chain case? I noticed that it was slightly discolored when I drained it, and there was a metallic whisker or two on the plug magnet. Is Syn 3 OK for the primary, or should it be lubed with something else?

Mine's and '04, so warranty is not a consideration at this point.

Chavez is the dictator of Venezuela that is holding our country hostage for oil and responsible for raising oil prices for our people.

In the primary you are better off with a NON synthetic or any oil like the syn 3 that they try to pass of as a synthetic when it isn't. I like the formula + for the primary.

Do some reading in the self help forums for more input.

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