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Re: Using Syn 3 in The Transmission


Sorry to burst your bubble but if you get anything other than new looking oil out of the trans, there's something wrong. No byproducts of combustion like in the engine to deal with in the trans. It should come out looking just like it went in, minus the wear properties that it once had.

Secondly, you have the truly exceptional bike there. I have done numerous oil changes in my business removing the syn 3 that dealers put in the trans (an engine oil by nature) and the magnets on the plug always look like Don Kings hair which is gear material, not a good thing.

Syn 3 will work in the trans, but is a poor choice in there in place of a gear oil which has a different molecular composition . You may even get some miles out of it before you have any problems too but by then the warranty will be over ( if you had one) and you will be on your own then.
I have seen blued shift forks which is the result of heat buildup from improper lubrication using syn 3 in the trans. It is your bike but if you were to try a different oil in the trans like Redline , Mobil or Spectro GEAR oils, you would then notice the difference in shifting and noise from the gears.

Besides, the Syn 3 is made for Harley by Hugo Chavez and I refuse to use any products from him.
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