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Dobeck TFI

Hello, I Have an 02 Roadking I bought my TFI generation 3 about 9 months to a year ago not exactly sure would have to find the paperwork to be exact, well here's my problem recently I have noticed a slight smell of gas when riding from time to time, then the bike would do a slight hesitation also from time to time, and the last time I rode the bike the motor had a major hesitation when you rolled the throttle and wouldn't excellerate, I was able to baby the bike back home and the engine showed a code came up, the motor however would idle with no problem, I disconnected the ground wire from the TFI in my garage and saw no difference, so now I brought the bike into the dealer for repair, yesterday they called and asked me if they could take the TFI out of the system and said they were suspicious of the unit, I had told them I disconnected the ground and the unit was out of the system, they told me that the code which came up was the injectors not working and further said removing the ground did not completely remove the unit from the system, they called me later in the day and told me they removed the unit and emphasized how great the bike ran now, I know dealers don't like aftermarket products and am worried about the bike may still have a problem, unless of course the unit is bad as they claim, I really don't know what I should do next and was hoping you could help, Up until now the bike has run great with the TFI on the bike.
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