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Re: Let's see some data on batteries

I couldn't agree more - it must be highly overdue for replacement. Mind you, it is appearing to be good, as all no-load tests plus reality shows up ok.

Please explain to me how a bad battery can take out the alternator ass'y? Does it not deliver the same AC, only rpm dependent, regardless?
Is not the regulator receving the same current and then flipping it to DC and at the same time deciding whether to put it all through to the battery or shunt some of it to ground? How can a damaged battery affect the delivery side?

Note that I am an Enigneer, yet those electrons running the 'wrong' way are still a mystery to me;). I can re-wire a bike and replace components, but admittedly this is not due to my understanding of it - only the acceptance that some things here in life remain unknown and being able to read rules & instructions;)
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