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Re: Let's see some data on batteries

Brand and model = HD AGM
Install date = 03/2003
Replacement date = Still going strong
Years of service = 7, including 3 in cold storage (batt installed, no tender)
Type of use the bike gets = daily plus occational weekends & trips
Tender used and how often = Very seldom - once per winter
Type of tender (Battery Tender Jr., other, none, etc.) = Mascot 1.0A three-step w/current detect.

I am amazed by the HD AGM battery, as noted above I bought the battery 7 years ago, but the first three years it was in my scoot sitting in a warehouse while I was abroad. No tender, no nothing.
When I picked up the bike, I needed jumper cables to start it up but got it going and rode home. Charged the battery and never looked back - it is now 4 years ago. I bought a trickle charger, but have barely used it. HD has got something right!
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