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Re: Problem with 09' Ultra Classic TPS?

Quote: Originally Posted by Grillfish View Post
Will let you know the outcome.
The only thing to remember is that "fretting" is the metal actually wearing and pit marks (not burn marks) forming in the pin side of the connector. Once the pits are present there is nothing you can really do except replace the connector. All the lube does is HELP prevent the wearing of the connector. It actually does not eliminate the micro-motion or ribbing action of the connector. So in time even with the lube, the connector will wear. I am sure down the road there will be an engineering change to the entire setup (electrical connector) to prevent the rubbing motion to start with. I would bet (or at least hope) on the 2011 models they used a different connector or the same connector with an additional "anti-motion" retainer to keep the connector from moving.

The Gold flash connectors are much better than the tin connectors but unless you stop the rubbing action, even the Gold flashing connectors will wear through in time. Replacing the entire grip and connector will only temporarily repair the problem. It will come back again. Adding the lube only extends the problem a little bit further. The cure all is stopping the micro-motion action.
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